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Wellness Coaching

Let me share my insights and knowledge with you,
as you reach for a better quaity of wellness. 

To BE Healthy, We Have to GET Healthy!

I have been searching for a long time for a line of vitamins and supplements that provides high quality products that are formulated for optimal performance... and I think I finally found it!

A Few Important Facts about Nutriliteā€¦

  • Nutrilite sources natural, organic plant concentrates, many grown on our own farms, and highly purified vitamins and minerals from around the world to meet our exacting quality standards. All ingredients used in NUTRILITEĀ® products are extensively researched, tested and formulated to provide a product that meets the nutritional needs of people on their way to optimal health.

  • The NUTRILITEĀ® brand has been a global leader in nutrition for more than 75 years because all our NUTRILITE products are made from the highest quality ingredients and then subjected to painstaking research and unparalleled testing.

  • We use only sustainable, chemical-free farming methods on our own 6311 organic acres. We use natural, organic and highly purified vitamins and minerals to meet our exacting quality standards.

Call to schedule your Wellness Coaching session!
  In it we will evaluate the Three Pillars of Health; nutrition, exercise and stress management.   I will also utilize FitScan technology to measure your hydration level, BMI, bone density, muscle to fat ratio and visceral fat percentage.  From there we can discuss you specific health concerns, and together we can find the products that will GET you healthy, and keep you that way!

Take a quick look at the video below, it is a little cheesy, but I think it illustrates just how much we have to eat in order to get the proper nutrients strictly from food!!  
I had no idea... and placed my first order immediately!